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Comment from Mrs Geddis Head of Year 8/9 at Cheadle Hulme High School and Pupils:
"Fantastic course for young ladies - increased their confidence and self esteem through the medium of fashion and makeup. All of the students involved thoroughly enjoyed the course and wanted it to carry on. Great fun for all involved!"

"Thank you Kelly for your hard work to make the fashion show fab I loved it and I'm defiantly going to use all the tips thank u so much" xxx - Megan Holland age 13.

"I had an amazing day today at school, I was very nervous and I was shaking but yeah it was amazing, you've taught me a lot of things & enjoyed the whole 5 sessions. Thank you so so much Kelly, wish we do this again" x x - Georgia Leigh age 13
Comment from Debbie Robinson, Teenage Health Co-ordinator at Ladybridge High School, Bolton:
"I'm looking forward to your next session! It was really interesting last week! The girls loved it! I'm just finishing the report for the year. I want the people who read the report to know what an excellent show the fashion show was"
Comment from Emma Wilkinson, Teenage Health Co-ordinator at Rivington and Blackrod High School:
"We have had fantastic feedback Kelly from all the senior management staff including the head and all the teachers. They thought the fashion show was amazing and all the pupils really enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for organising everything you did a great job."
schools academy programme

We have developed a 'Schools Academy Programme' specifically for girls and designed for those who need extra guidance with self esteem, confidence, personal hygiene and general personal grooming. Our five week course is unique and packed full of essential information for any girl who wants to learn about putting a small amount of make up on properly without using too much, looking after skin, hair and nails, learning how to dress and look neat and stylish, eating well and exercising.

Girls gain a lot from taking part in our courses: they develop confidence, group skills, self awareness and become less self-conscious.

Duration: 5 weeks (1 hour per week after or during school)

Dates: To be agreed with school

Cost: £48 per pupil

We will show pupils how to apply a small amount of make up that is age appropriate without using too much. We also show pupils how to keep hair looking neat and clean and create a funky hair style suitable for day or evening. Pupils will then practise on themselves under supervision. We bring our make up and hair kit.
We show pupils how to look after their skin and do a basic home facial. We give tips and advice on how to keep skin clean and how to deal with spots. We also show pupils how to look after their nails and keep their hands clean and hygienic.
This session involves a group discussion on healthy eating and how it affects your skin and health. We discuss the right and wrong foods plus offer advice on how the right diet and exercise can dramatically change your energy levels, mood and appearance. Pupils then take part in a dance or Zumba class and learn how exercising can be great fun.
We show pupils how to accessorize outfits in an inexpensive way and discuss how to dress to flatter your figure. We also talk about keeping yourself neat and tidy especially when wearing the school uniform!
fashion and styling
fashion show Pupils will get the chance to show what they have learnt by taking part in a fashion show at school. Girls will do their own hair and make up and model a selection of their own outfits and our accessories. Each student may invite guests.